Massimo Porcelli was born in Asolo where he grew up and trained.
He learned about the art of photography in his father's darkroom, where he had his first approach to street photography and learned to use the necessary tools to tell a story with images.
He continued his journey alone, dedicating himself to research on
Veneto territory, in particular on the Asolo hills, completed in 2002
with the publication of his images in two important books by Bilbos editors.
From landscape and nature photography he moved to street photography and reportage, even if he doesn't like to give a specific definition to his photographic style.
He considers himself more of a "storyteller", sometimes you can find already in a single shot, sometimes told in a series of images.
Precisely that style of "telling the world with images" he has known as a boy, today he resurfaces in some works that feature him engaged in several topics, first of all the research on Venice and its people, who lives there and another work about the land of Sicily and the characters that characterize it.
Furthermore, for some years his research has focused on finding and portray the old worn, peeling and aged advertising posters.
Then the Solitaire Papier Collection was born, those solitaire papers which, precisely, tell with the sole help of time and humidity, the thousand stories hidden in their tears.
His works have been exhibited in important galleries in Asolo, Venice, Rome, London and New York.